Data Center Solutions

We offer our customers data center infrastructure deployment, consulting, and migration services around infrastructure and cloud. We help our customers simplify the migration of data and workloads to the cloud. Companies can also choose to virtualize these components, and We can provide reporting and analytics for virtual environments and cost comparisons for on-prem vs. the cloud. This enables our customers to meet their infrastructure needs through data center solutions that reduce costs, improve productivity, and incorporate evolving cloud workloads.

Data Center Solutions

  • Ethernet switching infrastructure within data center environments

  • Loop-less design for small-scale data center topologies

  • Layer 2 connectivity, or Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity DCE networks of fabric-based design

  • Ethernet fabric technologies for high performance and scalability

  • Layer 2 connectivity, or Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity

  • Compliance with fiber channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and data center bridging (DCB) standards

  • 1 Gbps SFP

  • 10 Gbps SFP

  • 1 Gbps RJ45

  • 10 Gbps RJ45