VMS Solutions

An effective video management system is, essentially, the efficient combination of video software and server hardware. We offer the latest and most advanced version of video management software that optimizes the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video thereby enabling faster responses and reduced investigations times. The VMS software combines a powerful and intuitive interface with an advanced search function. The VMS software is a securely distributed network platform with enterprise-class reliability that efficiently captures and stores high-definition video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage and the easy-to-use interface enables personnel to evaluate and respond to events with minimal training.
Whether securing one large facility or multiple locations, the VMS application enables the user to view and manipulate video from NVR at any moment in time, anywhere in the world, over any network or the Internet and thus is an essential and crucial partner for security management.

• Powerful management capacity, up to 512 NVR up to 8,000ch.
• Remote Public Address system and 2 Way- audio with IP camera.
• Merge live videos into a screen from Multi-NVRs on specific monitor. Fail-over backup solution by Mirror server.
• Remote playback the video clips of NVRs.
• Powerful Alarm Management.
• Support Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) function
• Support H.265 and Smart stream CODEC to reduce file size and bandwidth
• Retail Video Analytic ( People Counting / Heat Map )
• General Video Analytic (Intrusion Alarm / Crowd Detection / Scene Change Detection / Privacy Mask / Unattended and Missing Object Detection)
• Dual stream resolution for monitoring and recording to save CPU usage
• Quick Search Method (Timeline Search / Object Search by Area)
• Multiple monitor display for live view and playback on different monitors
• E-Map / IO Device Control / PTZ Auto Tracking
• Text alert using a PC / mobile device by motion detection / input trigger
• Facial Recognition