Video Analytics Solutions

The statistics don’t lie. Less than 1% of surveillance video is ever seen by human eyes. That leaves more than 99% of surveillance video providing no value whatsoever. Digital Automation offer video analytical solutions that extracts meaningful and quantifiable data out of the video and organizes it into information thereby transforming raw video into actionable intelligence and dramatically shorten the time-to-target for security threats while increasing safety and optimizing operations and thus transforming how organization use video surveillance.
Camera coverage is ever expanding, but resources for monitoring those cameras continue to be a challenge. Even with a full team in the command center, watching cameras is rarely the best way to use those resources most effectively. Through our unique fusion of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, organizations can now rapidly detect, track, identify, search and view thousands of objects in every scene.

Review hours of video in minutes
• Rapidly search and identify people and objects of interest
• Track the movement of an individual across the entire premises
• Extract and review video of any individual based of appearance
• Dynamically analyze key performance indicators to optimize operations
• Build a comprehensive set of video evidence from multiple video sources,
• Accurately provide results relevant to the time and place of an event.
• Receive near real-time notifications of critical events
• Track crowd demographics, size and movement patterns
• Identify crime hotspots
• Optimize traffic flow at major interchanges
• Track employee compliance with safety regulations
• Monitor loitering of people as well as vehicles parked in drop off areas
• Monitor and Track objects moving in the wrong direction